Top 3 Reasons a New Roof Might Fail

A surprising number of roof repair calls that we receive from homeowners involve correcting another contractor’s work, and often on new roofs. This is why roofs should always be treated as big investments. The right material and roofing contractor choices … Continue reading

Roofing Maintenance

5 Benefits of Regular Roofing Maintenance

Every homeowner is responsible for keeping their roofs in top condition, but inexperienced homeowners tend to think of roofs as a set-and-forget installation, neglecting regular roofing maintenance. But roofs are constantly exposed to wear and tear, and will succumb to … Continue reading


5 Home Improvement Projects for This Summer

Summer is the best time for having backyard parties, for swimming, and getting some home improvement projects done. While we haven’t added organizing parties and beach trips to our list of services, we can recommend the following projects, and even … Continue reading

Why Preventive Maintenance of Your Roof Should be a Priority

It’s important to have the roof repaired soon after it’s been damaged. The problem might get worse for your house if left unsolved. Aside from prompt response, however, CMS Roofing recommends preventive maintenance. This means not waiting for problems to … Continue reading

The Qualities to Look for in a Professional Roofer

Hundreds of contractors may be in your area, but when choosing a roofing contractor, you need to make a thorough assessment. You are entrusting your roof, one of the most important areas of the house, to the contractor. Repair should … Continue reading

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