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Kudos to you for being able to put a roof above the heads of your employees and products. All roofing systems are subjected to wear and tear in Columbia, SC. Unfortunately, your commercial building is no exception. What would you do to lessen the costs of repair? What are the usual damages of roofing systems? How could you prevent these from happening? 

Top 6 Common Roofing Problems

It is not every day that you get to see what the situation of your roof looks like. The way for you to do this is to call in a commercial roofing contractor in Columbia, SC. It is never recommended that you climb up on the top of your roof to check on it yourself as this poses a safety risk. Besides, that is what professional roofing contractors are here for. If you were to find any holes in your roof, there is a huge chance that you are going to cover it with a sealant. That sealant will only be a temporary fix at best. The best thing you can do is to contact a commercial roofing contractor to deal with this.

Here are the most common roofing problems that you could encounter in your home.

Poor or faulty installation

One of the most probable causes of your leaky roof depends on how it installed. Poor or faulty installation of your roofing contractors could affect the performance of your roof in the long run. You might have bought the most durable roof there is out there, but if these were not installed properly, the construction material of the roof would be compromised. In this situation, you should only hire the best commercial roofing contractors in Columbia, SC.

Roof leaks

One of the most common roofing problems that are present in almost every building is roof leaks. Although it’s is the most common problem, it is also the hardest to deal with. This is because there are a lot of factors that could cause your roof to leak. From cracked flashings to broken shingles, slate, or tiles, roofers will definitely need some time to figure out what the main cause of the leaks are.

Roof leaks would have the tendency to occur at these places:

  • Near the chimney
  • At flashing points
  • At skylights
  • Under any damaged shingles
  • Around gutters
  • In low spots or valleys
  • Close to vents and pipes

Once you immediately see signs of any leak, you should call a roofing contractor in Columbia, SC right away. These signs could include discolored ceilings or damp walls. Do not wait for the worst-case scenario to come wherein you would see water leaks all over your place.

Pools of water

One of the most obvious signs of a roofing problem is when the water has already begun to pool. When this happens, you usually see little ponds on top of your roof. This should be enough indication that there is something wrong with the clogged gutter. This could also pose several problems in the long run. Flat roofs could also be prone to pooled water. But if you have these kinds of problems, you could call in a roofing contractor to form tapered areas on the surfaces of your roof. This would help the water to run off so that your roof would be free from any type of water damage.

Shrinkage of roof materials

Since roof materials are also prone to wear and tear, you know that you should be aware of roof material shrinking. This is bound to happen, especially since roofs are mostly exposed to its extreme weather conditions. This situation is inevitable, especially when it comes to roofs that are covered with EPDM or a synthetic rubber membrane and all other roof coverings. However, you can call in commercial roofing contractors in Columbia, SC to resolve the problem.

Develop cracking and blistering of the roof

Another sign of wear and tear of the roof could be the presence of cracks, ridges, and blisters. These are just some of the warning signs that you could usually see when there is impeding significant roof damage. The chances, however, will depend on the type of roof that you have installed. Some roof constructions are more prone to developing cracks and blisters. For example, there are roofs are made of several layers that would cover a relatively flat surface. These roof systems are considered to be more prone to developing cracks and blisters along the way. That is why it is also vital for you to know what kind of roof you have installed. In that way, you could estimate whether these are susceptible to developing cracks and blisters. Surely, preventive maintenance should still be the best way for you to take care of your roof. However, if you see that your roof has already been severely damaged, then you should consult with a commercial roofing contractor about the situation.

Damage from snow and ice

Snow and ice could be a major factor to the damaging of your roof. Not only that these materials could add some weight to your roof, but it also causes ice and snow to melt into the water which would seep underneath the roof shingles. The water that is trapped under the shingles does not have a way to be drained. This scenario could pose a risk to your roof, especially when the water under the shingles freezes. The build-up of ice can push your roof up against the flashings or shingles, which could lead to leaving gaps in it.

When You See Signs Of Roof Damage, Call A Commercial Roofing Contractor In Columbia, SC As Soon As Possible

The six reasons listed above are the most common causes of commercial roof damage. If you feel like your roof have been subjected to these factors, then you should call roofing contractors in Columbia, SC right away.

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