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Once the rainy and winter season kicks in, you need to be extra sure that your roof is prepared for the elements. What if there’s a roof leak that you have to deal with? If you experience a leak in your roof the smart thing to do is give a roofing contractor a call so they can access the roof damage and fix the problem before it worsens. When you spot even the tiniest leak from your roof it’s a sign of a budding problem that you should instantly solve right away by calling roofing contractors for help.

Roofing contractors

Why Do Roofs Leak?

Roofing leaks happen for various reasons. Roof leaks could either be from one of the following most common causes of roof leakages:

  • Compromised shingles
  • Compromised roof valleys
  • Punctured roofs
  • Poor workmanship during installation
  • Use of substandard materials
  • Gutter blockages
  • Accumulation of debris

These are just some of the reasons why your roof may be leaking. However, no two roofing systems are alike. You should immediately call for roof repair service company when you spot the first sign of any roofing damages. 

Can A New Roof Have Some Leaks?

You might just have a new roof installed. But you have already seen some signs of leaks on your roof. Is it possible to leak into a new roof?  If that is the case, then is it common for new roofs to leak?

The answer is yes. All roofs, regardless of age, can be prone to leakage if it was installed improperly. The most common reasons why new roofs have leaks are improper installation. Since you cannot attribute to the fact that your roof has already gone through a lot of weather, you should look upon the closest factor, which is installation. Poor installation practices and the quality of materials used at that time would contribute greatly to the failing of a new roof. At the same time, it can also because of the poor workmanship of roofing contractors. You still have the chance to have your roofs fixed properly by contacting another roofing contractor to fix any damage that was done or contacting the original roofing contractor and have them fix their improper roofing installation. 

5 Early Signs Of A Leaking Roof That Require A Call To A Roofing Contractor

Now that you know what the common causes of roof leakages are, you can now try to check if your roof is already leaking. Do not expect that you can literally see water leaking from your ceiling. If that is the case that you have on hand, then that is a sure-fire sign of knowing that your roof is damaged. But that case is already leaning towards the drastic part. Here are five other signs that can tell you that you would get an emergency roof repair service to be done as soon as possible:

There are water stains on your ceiling

If your ceiling could still handle the flow of leak from the roof, it will not collapse just yet. However, you can definitely signs of water stains on your ceiling or even on your walls.

There is water dripping inside your home

This is probably, by far, the most telling sign that you would need to get in touch with your roofing contractor. Once that you see water dripping over your furniture or electronic devices, there’s really no more excuse that you can think of. That’s a sure sign of roof damage.

There are spots on the walls of your exterior

If you are having some doubts as to whether your roof already has an ongoing leak and you would want to confirm it by yourself, look at the walls under your roof. It’s recommended that you do this outside your home. Once that you see that there are spots forming near where the roof is at, that’s already a sign of a roof leak.

Your walls are growing

Hmmm, did the walls get a bit chubby or what? When there are bubbles or “fat” sections of paint on your walls, the culprit that you should blame is your roof. The bubbles on the painted surfaces of your wall signify that there are already running water pouring down on the sides of your walls.

There are missing shingles or parts of your roof that are on your downspouts

Seeing debris on your downspouts is not a common thing. This means that the water has already taken another course instead of its normal one to transport the debris on your downspouts. This may be because there are already some holes forming on your roof. These are just five signs that you should look out for. Once you see at least one of these signs, you should immediately call a roofing contractor to get your roof fixed as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want to wait until there’s water pouring down inside your home.

Always Get The Services Of Roofing Contractor

If you want to fix your roofing problems, the best solution is to call a roofing contractor immediately. Just call them and they’ll be more than happy to do assess the roof damage and fix your roof. Make sure that you work with the best roofing contractor in Columbia for any of your roofing problems. 

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